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How does the anti wrinkle treatment work (BOTOX®)?

Our anti-wrinkle treatment involves the precise placement of a minute amount of Botulinum (type A) into specific facial muscles, tailored to each individual patient's needs and doses. This gentle procedure relaxes tense muscles, temporarily reducing muscle activity.

As a result, the skin covering these muscles smooths out, softening and diminishing the appearance of facial lines. Importantly, this treatment does not cause any long-term harm to the muscles. While the effects typically last 3-4 months, regular maintenance appointments can sustain the results and prevent wrinkles from reappearing.

To maintain the anti-wrinkle effects, we recommend re-administering the treatment when wrinkles resurface, ensuring a consistently youthful and refreshed appearance.

Where can I get it

Typically the areas treated are:

  • > Frown lines between brows
  • > Forehead lines
  • > Crows feet (around the outside of your eye)
  • > Gummy smile
  • > Smokers lines around lips
How do I book in for treatment?

Please click our ‘Book Online’ button on the top right of this page and select ‘anti wrinkle consultation’ Or for more information please email us:

Our anti wrinkle practitioners are Dr Rose Campbell, Dr Sally Keenan and Dr Alex Holden.


Frequently asked questions

We have added a series of frequently asked questions about our anti wrinkle treatment to our FAQ page, including information on pricing, the process, and how to book a free consultation. Click the link below or get in touch to find out more.

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