Cosmetic Treatment

Improve your smiles appearance with whitening and other aesthetic treatments.

For tooth whitening we believe that the best long-term results are achieved with home whitening systems.

Custom made whitening trays are made for you and after taking clinical photos and instruction you are in control of the whitening process. You tailor the whitening to reach the tooth colour that you desire, and then can maintain it there long term.

We use trusted brand whitening gels which have been thoroughly safety tested and we have found to have excellent results.

We also improve the appearance of teeth by changing old silver or discoloured fillings with aesthetic white ones (see direct restorations), or covering teeth in crowns, bridges or veneers (see indirect restorations).

About Us

Our ethos is minimising problems in your mouth with careful regular checks and professional cleaning, and where issues arise providing you with advice and options followed by high-quality treatment. We take the time to develop a personal relationship and give you all the information required to plan the best way to care for your mouth.

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