For many people, the thought of visiting the dentist or having dental treatment can cause a lot of anxiety.

Our dentist, Dr Catriona Taylor, is able to help provide treatment for anxious and nervous patients with the use of dental sedation. She strives to treat patients in a calm and reassuring environment and provide a high standard of dental care. For some patients, a sedative drug can help to create this relaxing environment and remove the obstacle of dental anxiety.

Frequently asked questions

Dental sedation, in most cases, uses a drug called Midazolam. Midazolam creates a sleepy, dream-like state in which patients feel very relaxed. Midazolam is administered intravenously (IV) and gets to work very quickly, removing dental anxiety and allowing you to be at ease whilst having your dental treatment.

Patients under IV sedation are not completely asleep but are very, very relaxed. It is not a general anaesthetic. You will be able to talk to the dental team throughout the session.

Amnesia is common and towards the end of the procedure you may be more aware of what is happening. You will be still very relaxed and we will monitor you throughout to make sure you are comfortable.

Arranging your treatment

An initial consultation is required to assess how suitable you are for dental sedation and discuss with you what will happen at your sedation appointment.

On the day of the sedation you must have a responsible adult accompany you. This person will be responsible for taking you to and from your appointment and will need to stay with you for the rest of the day.

After you have had your treatment, the dental sedation team will be with you until the effects of the sedation subside. You will be discharged when you feel recovered and are ready to go home.

Dental sedation can be repeated for multiple treatments and help enable patients to maintain their oral health. For some, the use of dental sedation can help to build confidence and create positive experiences.

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