Root Canal Treatment

'Root treatments’ to retain your teeth that would otherwise need removed.

Teeth have a narrow tunnel (or ‘canal’) that runs up through their root. In health it contains the nerve, providing hot/cold and pain sensation. If the nerve of a tooth starts to die (or has died) the tooth can become painful and infected.

Endodontics (often called ‘root canal treatment’) is where the tunnel is shaped, sterilised, and then sealed, preventing the tooth becoming infected.

In our practice we use modern powered rotary and reciprocal instruments to ensure your treatments are completed efficiently to a high standard, and use a ‘rubber dam’ stretched sheet over the teeth we work on to ensure your safety throughout the process.

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Our ethos is minimising problems in your mouth with careful regular checks and professional cleaning, and where issues arise providing you with advice and options followed by high-quality treatment. We take the time to develop a personal relationship and give you all the information required to plan the best way to care for your mouth.

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