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Our anti-ageing skin treatments are administered in a safe, clinical environment by medical professionals.

The initial consultation, with our dentist and qualified practitioner Dr. Rose Campbell, is a free of charge, no obligation appointment.

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How does the anti wrinkle treatment work (BOTOX®)?

A very small and measured amount of Botulinum (type A) is placed into the muscles in specific areas of your face. The areas treated are tailored to each individual patient as well as doses used.

This relaxes the muscles which are being held at tension, temporarily reducing the muscle activity.

This causes the skin covering the muscle to spread and for visible lines to smooth. This creates a softer, less noticeable appearance of the lines on your face.

This does not cause any long-term harm to your muscles. Over a period of 4-6 months the relaxant effect wears off and gradually the lines will re-appear. Ongoing treatment will result in the lines becoming less pronounced and regular maintenance appointments will prevent the wrinkles reoccurring.

To maintain the effect of the anti-wrinkle treatment we recommend re administering the treatment when the wrinkles come back.

Where can I get it

Typically the areas treated are:

  • > Frown lines between brows
  • > Forehead lines
  • > Crows feet (around the outside of your eye)
  • > Gummy smile
  • > Smokers lines around lips
How do I book in for treatment?

Please call the practice at your convenience on 0131 665 2885 or email us at


You will then be booked in to see Dr Rose Campbell for a consultation appointment.


Frequently asked questions

We have added a series of frequently asked questions about our anti wrinkle treatment to our FAQ page, including information on pricing, the process, and how to book a free consultation. Click the link below or get in touch to find out more.

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